Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Play Hard, Sleep Hard

Rylan has been fighting his nap-time like you wouldn't believe. Here he is on the days that he refuses to lay down and Mom gets tired of fighting. I have one of him on my phone while he is sleeping on the stairs.

My Cute Husband

Teaching Rylan how to flex his muscles. Rylan doesn't quite know what to think about it.
Here is Jordan singing his heart out. Yes he is quite the singer and that's what I love about him. I start to worry about him when I don't hear him singing.


Logan, Grant and Rylan getting ready to go trick or treating. We had a good night but we all definitely missed St. George. It's not quite the same when you have to fight the crowd and stand in line for candy.
Rylan had been practicing his roar for weeks before Halloween. When he finally got the costume on, that was the only language he spoke.

So Sad but So Funny

I had to fight from laughing. We were playing at Grandma Bundy's and Rylan completely ate it face first! He just looks so darn cute! Funny thing was that he didn't even cry because he was so confused about what had just happened.

Rylan's Bday

Rylan is a complete cars fanatic and up until his birthday that was all he would talk about. The cars birthday party was quite a hit. Don't ask me how the slip and slide fit in with the cars theme. It was just a must for all the kids.
Rylan loves his bopah and Amah.
I had this great idea to make Rylan's birthday cake and as always my ideas are bigger than my capabilities. If it wasn't for my amazing mom it would have been a disaster. And on top of the big idea I only had an our to finish the decorations for the cake. We had frosting everywhere! Randy was even frosting the cupcakes. The cake was finished 5 minutes before the party started. All in all it turned out great thanks to awesome help.
Here is everybody sitting around and waiting for dinner. I had another great idea to have everyone make their own pizzas. However, I didn't really plan too well because it took FOREVER to cook and everyone was starving. What a disaster!

Taking time out to smell the flowers

I love this pic because it helps me remember to stop and enjoy the moment. Of course I was in a hurry and turned to tell Rylan to hurry up. Of course he was smelling the flowers and completely clueless about the rush. Thank heavens I had my camera.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

We went to a 51's game this weekend. It was way too much to expect Rylan to hold still for that long. He was so busy and tried throwing everything he got his hands on. We had fun enjoying the baseball experience and the delicious hotdogs!

I took Rylan to the Mirage to see the tigers and dolphins. He had so much fun and hasn't stopped talking aout the "amials". I got him a lion from the gift shope and he sleeps with it every night now. What a spoiled boy.